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Hi Friends!!!! This word is very familiar to all sadhaks / Volunteers. Even it’s in our family culture.

What is SEVA?
There are so many Forms of Seva, one may jump from one to another and then achieve perfection later in Life.

1. Bubbly Seva. 
This experience happens immediately after doing the course. The day course get over people come forward and wants to serve… there is enthusiasm, excitement, eagerness to serve others. They themselves do not know why, Where and how?
            Unfortunately, it last for max 2 days for many people. They fall into prey of “What about ME” – I have a job, family, college, friends, parties… etc… so let me settle in material world completely and later will fall in spiritual world completely. They have learn “100%”. Nothing gets completed. Ya they get lost completely.

2. Time Bound Seva
This is interesting they come to do seva because they have lots of time Now, there is vacation, no job or looking for job. So Seva is a tool to do time pass and hang out with other volunteers, teachers…etc. Vision about SEVA is limited and time bound.

3. Fame or achievement Seva
Seva is intentional based. You do seva to gain name, fame and respect. Seva is done till recognition, respect and wa waa is done. The time someone criticises or blames your seva, this seva goes underground.

4. Hang Out Seva
Volunteers come to do seva because one just like the company of other volunteers. Purpose of doing seva is defeated. Enjoyment is not in seva but in Company. This invites Great danger in future.

5. Optional or Preference Seva
Optional Seva is more like comfort Seva. Were you have open all Exit options for not doing a committed Seva. Volunteer does Seva that he/she likes to do.   lots of preferences in seva and in volunteers. A volunteer comes to do seva for some time and again take a long break..... Cycle continues of coming and going like poornima and Amavasya.

6. Competitive  Seva
This Seva comes from the level of Ego. Seva is done to make others feel low. It’s done out of jealousy or to envy others. There is no cooperation and compassion but only competition.

There may be other types of Seva. Best part is GURUJI is so compassionate that HE welcomes all types of Seva.
Volunteers needs to realise first that Seva is happening from which level of his\her existence( there are 7 levels of existence.. i hope volunteers knows that).. last is the Self-  from that level Seva is a happening.
Many times I have heard vol saying “Seva has become Boring”. Anything in life once form a pattern becomes boring, so is seva sometimes. You don’t give up job, career, and relationship even if they are boring. Seva starts and ends with commitment.
Seva is endless act.  To do Seva, you need higher vision, sincere intention and vigour in action.
So Are you ready to Serve?
Jai Gurudeva!!!

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