Monday, March 1, 2010

Spherical thinking v/s Linear thinking

Rishi Vidhyadharji is in Dubai, and I agreed with him to post something he spoke about in one of the satsangs, so here goes....

The problems in the world are because of linear thinking, in linear thinking people don't see with foresight, and they take action without imagining the result of it, as they want quick result, like for eg. in the west they want to make as much as possible in short period of time, and this creates problems in the world

In the east you can find instances of spherical thinking, where there is a foresight and what you do now will go round and come back and affect you, so the actions are measured,
eg. in the east for first 25 yrs, parents take care of child, then the responsibility is shared and then child takes care of parents, this is spherical thinking,
but in the west it is not the case and hence in the ECC countries alone more than 40 million old people are living a life of loneliness and utter mysery there is no one to love them.
linear thinking is living life as if you r not going to come back
but spherical thinking is knowing that you are going to be coming back
a person of linear thinking can never do seva, but a person who is spherical thinker he cant but do seva,
linear thinker will be depressed even after becoming knowledgable, but a spherical thinker will be in love and joy

In the olden times every King had a Raj Guru, who used to be the spherical thinker, so that he could correctly foresee the impact before any decisions are made. In that sense the Raj Guru had a higher seat than the King himself.

Another eg. is of sanjha chula
In the villages in india, the old and wise used to lit a fire in a central place every evening, and small kids from each house used to come with a peice of cow dung and lit it in the fire and with that peice they used to lit the chula jin their house. This way they used to come to know if there was a problem in any house, for food, and if they used find any house not coming for the sanjha chula, they would go there and the whole village will take responsibility for it this way the person who dint have does not have to go through the embarasement of asking also, this is spherical thinking



Nagarajan said...

True.. But unfortunately many in India also have now taken to linear thinking..Jgd

AparnA said...

i have heard of lateral thinking.. was wondering what spherical thinking would be. Now i know :)

Thanks for sharing.. :)


Anand Jage said...

Oh now i see what is Sanjha Chulha..
Yes, all the kings had a Spiritual Preceptors in past.. there are so many instances, Krishna-Arjun,
Maharshi Vasisht- Lord Ram, and until very recently Samarth Ramdas- Shivaji in the medivial...
All problems of Indian governance are due to this lack of guidance from a sherical thinker.. atleast i believe so!

Mihir Chavan said...

Rishiji always has something amazing yet extremely practical its just awesome

karishma said...

great post bhaiya!

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