Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Hi Friends.
Excuse me for not writing and updating our blog. Little laziness and really had no time.
From sooo many days i wanted to share about relationship in general, but today one instance just got me to write this.
I don't know where to start with, today whenever I think about lost friends, broken relationships, I had in my life I have tears rolling down my cheeks in sadness... exactly this is happening now...haaaa
Which is a true relationship? i still wonder and doubt.

Different faces of relationships: 
All relationships goes through
1. Excitement, love, sharing
2.Then.... Expectation- one should ask me, call me, help me.. should give me importance, treat me like earlier, should not hide anything or should not be selfish with me
3. Disappoinment, irritation, sadness, misery.
which leads to sometimes fights, sometimes sour or bitter ending, being indifferent or kaam chalo attitude/let go acts for your own peace.
This happens in almost every relationship.

I had many friends in my school, college  and Art of living life.Have seen relationship faded over time or expectation.
 Friends do not stay in touch, due to less interaction and increasing responsibilities of life. Communication plays the major role in sustaining relationship. As communication not done at time intervals creates distance, gap, which in turn reduces intensity and relation, apart with not both knowing about it. This is surely happened in my life, few relations just vanished over small things or just gone with time.

Relationship of mom and child is the purest one. Mom does everything for the child, gives the best possible for the child and at the same time even child is soo attach to mom, everything he learns from smallest to big act. In few years mom start having expectations from him and child in turn wants to be independent and wants minimum interaction with his/her mom... - this brings fights, sadness etc....and then child wants to be on his own with his/her new family, his new responsibility and challenges..No one is wrong or right.. intensity in relationship changes... SAD part is gratitude also fades....
how many times are we grateful to any relationship?
Being Grateful all the time, is just Grace.haa!!! really Because 10 positive and 1 negative comment, which one do we remember? i can  see in my own relationships with my family, teachers, volunteers.
Today i realized Parent needs a strong heart to accommodates his/her children with whatever attitude they have and also to see their own children fighting with each other for small land,business etc.

Relationships start with sharing but switchover soon with Giving-Taking and Expectations.
small things makes us upset then negative and it turn to hatred. whom to blame?

Today i have missed or lost so many friends, colleagues and close ones, on this journey of life, for funny and stupid mistakes.

Finally have realized there is only One PERFECT Relationship of Guru and devotee. This relation does not ask or expect things,at least for sure from HIS side. Guru does not want anything but just wants to give.
i am soo fortunate to have Guruji in my life.
Many times people ask why there is a need to Guru?
For me to give me an experience of  perfect relationship.
To make me sense that if the whole world is against you,  i am still there for you,to have that feeling is a blessing. From HIS side, He is completely free from all this...
And my journey continues to move towards THAT Freedom.

Jai Gurudeva!!!


AparnA said...


Deepak said...

said in simple bullet points but covered the whole essence of it didi...
really i too feel with time how things change ..

thanks for reminding the values of relationship


hmmmm said...

very true. The relationship loses love when we start expecting. Initially in a relation we tend to give more and more then it fades away and we start asking.

krazy kapil said...

jgd di...it is very factual bout watever u have mentioned regarding the phases of relationship. loved this post a lot!!!!

Venki said...

truly amazing one......

In Search Of Myself said...

Great post Didi!
I could relate to most of it, esp the 3 faces of the relationships are so true.
and I have 3 questions:
1)I know about unconditional Love btw Guruji n my teachers. But how come I still feel the need for the acceptance from them or fear there disapproval?
2)How can I love someone without expectations and/or attachments?
3)How can I let go of let downs in relationships (ego

In Search Of Myself said...

An amazing thing.... which everbody experiences, never noticed.. Di Love U..... Superb

Anonymous said...

Superb post.... specially liked - "Friends do not stay in touch, due to less interaction and increasing responsibilities of life"

Anand Jage said...

Love you Di..

Shivakumar said...

Anjana, Thanks for sharing this... As always, it's come @ the right time to me

Rashmin said...

wah! very nice.

Anonymous said...

Jai Gurudev didi :) Love you :) your post is So true So intense :)

jay said...

simply awsum!surely gna take a print of it!

dipti said...

Thats so honestly written....N i wholeheartedly endorse the last bit where u talk abt guruji. M sure lot of people were nodding their heads while reading the write up.. :)

neha said...

anjana di u r right as always!!! i love my best friends and over the period, i know i have done all that is required to be a great friend !!! but again i know i cant stop expecting that they'll acknowledge me more often!!! but again expectations hurt!!! and letting go hurts even more!!!

Shradha said...

read lil late but its so true,,,,,,,, the relations actually fades with the time,,, no interaction n u lose ur frndship n other relations....every1 needs importance,,,,,,
Really feel lucky to hav Guruji in life n so wonderful teachers like u to guide us...
love u jgd

sneha said...

jai gurudev di.....luvd ur post:-)

Anonymous said...

wow di.. almost had tears in my eyes while reading the last paragraph! i'm soo stupid that i doubt HIM also, the person who so unconditionally loves all of us..i guess whenever in doubt this is the perfect post to read and be grateful about having Guruji in my life :)
amazing post,
love you didi :)
jai gurudev!

siddh said...

Thanks for such a wonderful POST....i really lack in this but that day you remind me again the RELATIONSHIP n most important ESSENCE of life "GRATTITUDE"!!!!
Thanx..Luv You DI n Bhaiya..

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